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Korean Paper

Korean Paper

Paper, very white, even in fibre and hard-spun, was unearthed in the remains of Koguryo (B.C.277-A.D. 668). It shows that the then techniques of bleaching paper and even in fibre by beating it were high.
Method of making paper includes the use of machine and of hand.
The hand-made paper called Surok paper. The method by means of machine is nearly the same with the one for normal paper except for using different raw materials.
The Korean paper is used as copying paper, mimeograph paper, sliding-door paper, flooring paper, oil paper, paper for Korean painting and painting in Indian ink, towel paper, toilet paper and dining table paper.
It has been used for writing, making of umbrella or fan and taking the place of wadding. It also has been used for making vessels for fruits or fried cake of wheat flour and various kinds of boxes including a sewing box.