The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Two Fishing Stations Visited on Mother's Day

Two Fishing Stations Visited on Mother's Day

General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the May 27 Fishing Station on November 16, 2016.
He was much pleased to see the sandfish pumping up at the hold and fish pouring at a landing field. He highly praised the fishing field of the Korean People’s Army for its catch of abundance of fish.
He said that he was so pleased to hear the news in the morning and he came to the fishery station, thinking that he should inform our people who sent their children to the post for defence of the country about it as quickly as possible
It was nearly lunch time with the passage of time, but he set himself on the road of field guidance again without a moment’s rest.
His next visit was the January 8 Fishing Station.
Making rounds of the fishing station, he dropped in at the refrigerating store.
He looked at the frozen fish blocks full of stores with pleasure. He said with pride that he was very pleased and the fatigue he had accumulated was completely relieved and he was proud of having organized the station.
He earnestly asked the children to catch more fish and send them to the baby homes, orphanages, primary and middle schools for Orphans and old people's homes across the country, with the feeling of being their parents and the children of the old people.