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World Intangible Heritage Korean Folk Song Arirang

World Intangible Heritage Korean Folk Song Arirang

The representative Korean folk song is Arirang. This folk song is as much valuable musical heritage symbolizing the nation as the Korean nation is called an Arirang nation. The song embodies in itself the national sentiments and spirit.
Supported by the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government on protecting the national heritages, Arirang has been sung for many centuries giving life to the original national characteristics.
The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang held in Pyongyang was also themed with this song. It demonstrated the wisdom and mettle of the nation, stroke the world with wonder and was registered in the Guinness World Records in August 2007.
The UNESCO wrote in an article about the inclusion of the Korean folk song Arirang in the list of the intangible cultural heritages of humankind to this effect: Arirang is a popular folk song sung not only in family, among friends and collectives but also on important fete days. It exists in many traditional forms as well as in the forms of orchestral and modern music through the process of being handed down orally and recreations. It sings about the farewell, meeting, pleasure and happiness in the soft and lyrical melody. It contributes to the mutual respect and peaceful social development by consolidating further the social relationship.