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Kim Jong Sun, a woman living in Kumggol Mine, Tanchon City, South Hamgyong Province, got hurt in the leg at the age of three. Since then she has bad limp in the right leg with which she lived for 35 years. She walked no more than one kilometres.
She is wife of Pak Thae Son who was a miner of the Kumggol Mine of the Komdok Mining Complex. He sacrificed his life for saving comrades at a critical moment ten years ago.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un put him forward as a patriotic martyr and paid deep attention to her health. He took a step for her to receive intensive medical care at relevant medical institution.
Jang Jong Hak, an experienced teacher of Pyongyang University of Medicine, volunteered to take charge of her treatment in hearty response of General Kim Jong Un’s instructions.
The doctor worked hard to collect medicinal materials and make medicine efficient for her treatment all night for ten years.
His sincerity wrought a miracle. The wife of the hero miner is able to keep on her legs without the help of a stick.
Her life is renewed with each passing day.