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Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Praised Abroad

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Praised Abroad

Figures of different countries in their congratulatory messages and letters praised the distinguished leadership ability of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has demonstrated the dignity and might of Juche Korea to the whole world with his outstanding and tested leadership.
The secretary general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea said that the DPRK dynamically advanced the revolution and construction by channeling efforts into bolstering up the defence capability despite unprecedentedly grave difficulties last year to firmly guarantee peace and security.
Under the wise leadership of HE Kim Jong Un, the Workers’ Party of Korea successfully carried out the grandiose tasks for the happiness of the people as scheduled.
What is particularly noteworthy in the successes made by the DPRK last year was that the Korean people made remarkable progress in the development of the party and the state, united around HE Kim Jong Un. The picture of the DPRK, leading the global independence and peace, gives a great inspiring strength to the progressives.
The world people admired the miracles of the DPRK and keenly realized once again the personality of HE Kim Jong Un as a great man.
The vice-chairman of the Socialist Freedom Party of Egypt said that HE Kim Jong Un brought about the development of the DPRK and the well-being of the people in 2022 with his wise leadership and added that the dreams and ideals of the Korean people will surely come true as they are guided by him.
The party leaders of political parties in many countries including Russia, Hungary and Egypt said that the DPRK will demonstrate its dignity and glory more fully in 2023, too, and that the future of the Korean people is always bright and rosy as they are led by HE Kim Jong Un, the greatest in the world.