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“Ten-Year Birthday Table”

“Ten-Year Birthday Table”

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill arranges “10-year birthday table” to the workers customarily every year.
The “10-year birthday table” has a story.
President Kim Il Sung visited the boarding house of the then Pyongyang Textile Mill in February tens of years ago. At that time he said it would be good for the workers who worked there for more than ten years to fix their starting day in the factory as their birthday and give them quality clothes and arrange birthday tables.
Since then the weavers have been given “10-year birthday table” every year.
Over 10 years from then on Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the mill one day in January 1967. He said the dining hall of the boarding house is systematically arranging the tables of sumptuous food for the boarders who had worked there for more than 10 years on the occasion of their day of employment every year and it is a good thing to be noteworthy, as the boarders live far away from their houses and parents.
Thak Ju Hyang, Kim Hong Son who carried out the yearly national economic plan ahead of schedule last year and other workers who were given “10-year birthday table” hardened their determination to work harder for the generous socialist country valuing the workers.
Last year witnessed the “10-year birthday tables” given to over 40 labor innovators.