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Chongmyong and Customs of Korean Nation

Chongmyong and Customs of Korean Nation

Chongmyong (one of the 24 seasonal divisions, April 5th or 6th) meaning that the sky becomes clear and warm spring begins is deeply associated with the life of the Korean people.
The Korean people who regard farming as the basis of everything began sowing rice seeds from that day.
“Tongguksesigi” a book of the 19th century, says that “Farmhouses begin spring plowing on the day of Chongmyong”.
Seeds of foxtail millet, millet, bean, red bean as well as pumpkin, radish and other vegetables were sown and flower seeds also were sown at the yards of houses in those days.
Water is also pure and clean on Chongmyong. So the day is called a season best for wine brewery.
A custom of visiting the ancestor’s grave is still seen today.