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Famous Patriotic General Ri Sun Sin and Turtle Ship

Famous Patriotic General Ri Sun Sin
and Turtle Ship

Ri Sun Sin is a famous patriotic general of feudal Joson dynasty.
He had a position of commander in charge of naval forces in 3 provinces after passing the military examination under the kingdom in the year 1576 and made several warships in cooperation with handicraftsmen and soldiers of the naval forces. When the Imjin Patriotic War broke out, he led the fleet of Korean warships against the enemy Japan.
In 1592 he sank enemy warships superior in capability in many naval battles.
In September 1597 he defeated over 30 enemy ships and annihilated more than 4 000 enemies in the Myongryang naval battle with the limited naval forces of Korea and in November 1598 waged a naval battle against the last main fleet of the enemy Japan in retreat on the sea off Roryang to destroy more than 200 enemy ships.
The Imjin Patriotic War ended in great victory of the Korean people who won the Roryang naval battle.
Ri Sun Sin died by a bullet from the enemy in this battle.
In 1591 Ri Sun Sin developed the turtle ship into a powerful battle ship on the basis of the successes gained in warship building.
The turtle ship, the world's first iron-clad ship, proved successful in the naval battles against the enemy Japan during the Imjin Patriotic War so as to make great contributions to the war victory.