Friendship & Solidarity
International On-line Seminar Sponsored by KFP

International On-line Seminar
Sponsored by KFP

An international on-line seminar “75th founding anniversary of the invincible Korean People’s Army” was held from February 6 to 10 under the sponsorship of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA).
Posted on the special page opened for the seminar were photos showing the undying feats of President Kim Il Sung performed for building the regular armed forces, the great feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il to remain long in the history of army building of Juche and the leadership exploits of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who developed the Korean People’s Army (KPA) into the world’s strongest revolutionary armed forces.
Edited there were a photo of a floral basket sent by the KFA to the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill on the occasion of the 75th birthday of the KPA and photos showing its tremendous might.
Also posted on the page were the letter to Kim Jong Un from the participants in the seminar and congratulatory letters sent by the DPRK-Europe Association for the Promotion of Cultural Interchange, the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People, the Korean Association for Friendship with Latin American and Caribbean Region and the Korean Association for Asia-Pacific Exchange to the seminar and several editorial articles with written speeches.
Speeches were made at the seminar attended by Chairman Alejandro Cao de Benos and official delgates of the KFA and its branches in different countries.