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High Patriotic Enthusiasm of Young Korean People

High Patriotic Enthusiasm of Young Korean People

The patriotic zeal of the Korean youths to take the lead in implementing the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee can be seen in different parts of the country.
According to the data available, a total of over 204 100 young people participated in the activities of night volunteer youth shock brigade from the start of the building of dwelling houses in Hwasong area and completed a lot of assignments to transport more than 16 170 ㎥ of gravels and sand, remove over 10 000 ㎥ of earth, rezone 25 000 ㎡ of area and carry concrete blocks and timbers so as to make great contributions to hastening the project.
More successes are gained with each passing day.
The zeal of the young people who display all their youthful energy and wisdom in different parts of the construction sites, picturing the day of completion when a flourishing street of socialism will make its appearance in the era of the Workers’ Party, can also be seen in the construction site of building a new street in Sopho area.
In the meantime, 100 young people in North Hamgyong Province formed Kil Yong Jo Youth Death-defying Corps on June 6 with a high patriotic enthusiasm to attain without fail the 12 main goals for the development of the national economy set by the Workers’ Party of Korea and rose up in the high-speed tunneling campaign.
Their hearts are filled with enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle to hold high the red flag of the youth death-defying corps with the name of Hero Kil Yong Jo on it to bring about a great improvement in production following his spirit of devotedly defending the leader.