The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Great Leader (7)

Great Leader (7)

Pierre Ndje

(continued from the last issue)
My heart was again burning with the hatred for the U.S. imperialists.
This year we were trying hard to help you. The US imperialists, however, let the “EC-121” fly into the territory of our country again. We also shot it down. Therefore, all the 32 crewmen of that plane were buried at sea.
Nixon, president of the US, was so shameless as to clamor about the “retaliation” and resorted to frantic war exercises in the East Sea of Korea with the mobilization of huge forces of aggression including the US 7th Fleet.
At that time the Government of our Republic issued a statement to shower a fire of revenge upon the US imperialists.
We do not want to provoke anyone first to anger, but will not allow anyone to slander and irritate us at all.
Upset by our fearful power, the US imperialists hurriedly fled along with their armed forces.
But the intrinsic nature of the wolf still remained unchanged.
The US imperialists let their copter to intrude into our territorial air one month ago.
We shot it down, too. They, far from kicking up a racket, wrote an apology and signed it without objection.
Only a club works on the wolf.
Saying all the above stories he told us that he could not give them any help though he had promised with them.
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