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Letter He Received (3)

Letter He Received (3)

Nowadays many changes were made in the work of Ko Mun Sik.
He made great results in medical treatment and scientific researches so as to receive academic degree and title in early life. He enjoyed loving care and trust of all the officials of the hospital. He was highly appreciated at the summing up meetings of the hospital.
Having read the case history sheet of the patient again and again, he thought of the proposal for the treatment.
Now that the patient already made her mind to cut off her arm, he could take an easy choice. If he cut off her arm, he could mitigate her grief. But he would be sorry for it. He should find out even 0.001% possibility to protect her arm and her future life, which he thought the right path of medical doctor.
But he could not deny the medical conclusion at all. Suddenly he recalled the remarks of the section chief at the doctors’ conference.
“As a matter of course, the patient called for mitigating the immediate pains, but, comrades, if she is your flesh and blood and your younger sister, do you really want to cut off her arm? We should find the best way by all means.” The remarks of the section chief touched the heart of Ko Mun Sik. (It is right, if she is my flesh and blood, how can I relax my tension? I have to find a reasonable way unconditionally.)