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Sangmo Dance


Sangmo dance means a dancing with turning round the Sangmo(the top of the cap decorated with bamboo and beads and tie its end with white feather or piece of paper).
Sangmo dance is the one by men in the traditional peasant dances peculiar to Korea.
It is divided into dance with short Sangmo, dance with long Sangmo, dance with turning round Sangmo in one side and others.
Sangmo dance is the one that several Sangmo dancers play the same or various turning Sangmo at the same time to show the beauty of symmetry of a well-organized group.
Sangmo dance is a peculiar dance that shows optimistic life of the Korean people with dancing stunts. It is well known to the world.
The technique of Sangmo dance is applied to the creation of dances and the rhythm of a dance colorfully decorating the columns of dancers participating in celebrations.