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Farm Overflowing with Joy

Farm Overflowing with Joy

The picture shows the gathering of year-end account settlement and income distribution held with the pride of overfulfiling the grain production plan for this year at the Yokgudo Farm in Paechon County, South Hwanghae Province on October 8.
The famers worked with sweat running down in beads to gain such successes as increasing grain output by more than one ton per jongbo with a single heart to prove themselves worthy of the great benefits of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State that turned their village into socialist fairyland, the successful embodiment of the rural civilization.
High piles of grains, modern dwelling houses by them , joy and laugh overflowing on the faces of the farmers produced good harvest.
The year-end payment place where “Harvest Song” and cheerful peasant dances were playing, was overflowing with the joy of the farmers who brought about a rich harvest this year.
The changes of the Yokgudo Farm heralds the bright tomorrow of the socialist countryside where all the regions and farms across the country will equally become rich and be civilized along with the great new era of rural development.