The great persons of Mt. Paektu
For the People

For the People

On May 1, 2002, the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il visited the command of the Navy of the Korean People’s Army and appreciated the art performance given by the dependents of military personnel.
Seeing the performance he repeatedly appreciated it and sometimes he was absorbed in deep memory in a while.
The people and servicepersons who invariably covered the road of revolution, sharing life and death with him, though they grubbed up the roots of plants to satisfy their starving hunger came across his mind vividly.
He went out at the end of the performance. He said to the accompanying officials, the thoughts and feelings of our army and people are pure and clean and sincere, our Party is strong and our revolution emerges ever-victorious because it has such army and people, seeing the performance I hardened the resolution to do more things for the sake of such good people.
He went on to say, sometimes I want to have a rest since the work is very hard for me, but I can not have a moment’s rest because of the thought of such best good people in the world and we should do more things for the good of the people in our generation.
Our people is the best in the world and so our officials should become true servants of the people, he pointed out.
As I used to say, the people is our teacher and officials should always learn from the people and respect and love them boundlessly, he noted.