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Hwangju-Kindung Waterway Construction Finished in DPRK

Hwangju-Kindung Waterway Construction
Finished in DPRK

Hwangju-Kindung Waterway, another large-scale irrigation system, was successfully completed as a monumental edifice of the era of the Workers’ Party adding luster to the year 2023.
At a time when substantial changes are brought about in accomplishing the historic cause of rural revolution in accordance with the bright blueprint unfolded by the Workers’ Party of Korea tens of kilometers of the waterway (gravity-fed) was completed for vast tracts of fields of Hwangju and Yonthan counties of North Hwanghae Province, a leading granary. With the completion of the waterway a great progress was made in the irrigation of the rural economy and bright vista opened for the sustained and stable development of the agricultural production.
The completion ceremony took place on the spot on December 12, 2023.
The message of thanks from the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea to all the builders who performed shining labor feats in the project of Hwangju-Kindung Waterway was conveyed at the ceremony.