The great persons of Mt. Paektu
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Tierno Alliu Binire Diallo, Former Chairman
Parliamentary Group of the United and Progressive Party of Guinea

The President went on to say, for your party to keep power it is necessary to strengthen it as well as army. Power stems from the arms.
When the army supports His Excellency President Lansana Conte, any hostile forces may not provoke him.
You, not the other, should take hold of the army. It is essential to hold the party in one hand and the army in the other.
… If the president wants to take the power into his own hands continuously, it is necessary to strengthen the party and the army.
Recalling the rich experiences he gained in building the Korean People’s Army, the regular armed forces, with the anti-Japanese guerrillas who had fought in Mt. Paektu at the core right after the defeat of the Japanese imperialists, he said that today those who fought against the U.S. during the Fatherland Liberation War are the hard-core members of the army.
Today in African countries those who studied in Western countries are active in parachute unit and some technical branches of the army and so they are inclined to engineer a military coup, in order to build up the well-trained army it is necessary to work with people well, he added.
His words were, indeed, significant ones enlightening them again on what kind of people could be the backbone of the army and how they would protect the party and push ahead with the revolution.