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Rimyongsu Waterfall

Rimyongsu Waterfall

Rimyongsu Waterfall is in Rimyongsu-Dong, Samjiyon City, Ryanggang Province.
The falls flowing from the cliff in Rimyongsu valley consists of nine falls and many other big and small falls between them.
Standing on the top of the waterfall is a pavilion.
It gives a particular scenery, in good harmony with the black rocks seen in the currents, man-made lake and its surrounding forests, according to seasons.
You can see azalea flowers in spring, thick forests in summer, peculiar red leaves in autumn but it changes into icy falls in winter which has unfrozen water streams and the water flowing between the icicles.
The waterfall hails from underground water. It was designated as Living Monument No. 345 in January 1980.