The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Kreisky Who Was Able to Ski Again

Kreisky Who Was Able to Ski Again

Bruno Kreisky, who was once the prime minister of Austria, was a well-known bourgeois politician of the West.
One day his legs were paralyzed due to incurable disease. In order to cure the disease he called a lot of famous physicians across the world, but in vain.
He, who was a fan of skiing, told doctors that his last request was to stand and go to toilet on his own legs.
Then one day he heard that Koryo medicine of Korea had a special virtue for curing his disease.
Upon hearing it, he immediately told the mission of the DPRK that he wanted to receive medical care of Korean medicine doctors.
President Kim Il Sung, once being informed of this fact, was heartsick of the noted politician of the West suffering from an incurable disease in the latter part of his life. He said that competent Korean medicine doctors should be sent to him as he desired so that he can stand up on his own legs and stride along the ground again. He took steps for his treatment.
Hence, he finally received the medical treatment of the Korean medicine doctors sent by the President and after a while he was able to ski again.