The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Unforgettable Meeting(9)

Unforgettable Meeting(9)

Tierno Alliu Binire Diallo, Former Chairman
Parliamentary Group of the United and Progressive Party of Guinea

He told me of an episode that a head of state of an east European socialist country left during his visit to Pyongyang.
When he visited the then Kumsusan Assembly Hall to see the President, he asked about the high building standing by the side of the assembly hall.
He was surprised to know that the building was Kim Il Sung University. And he asked if it was dangerous as the university stood near to the assembly hall.
In fact, the youth and students and intellectuals were instrumental in toppling east European socialist countries and so his surprise was only too natural.
He seems to have troubled with the youth and students and intellectuals who rose in revolt against the party and state.
In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, however, the young people took the lead in the defence of the country and the difficult and painstaking fields of socialist construction and intellectuals sincerely upheld the Party with high pride and honor of their having socialist country of Juche although there was no boundary in science. He was very envious of the country led by the outstanding leader President Kim Il Sung.
(to be continued)