The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Teacher of Fidel

Teacher of Fidel

Fidel Castro who visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the head of the party and government delegation of the Republic of Cuba in March 1986 said to President Kim Il Sung, “Comrade Kim Il Sung already started a struggle against the Japanese imperialists when I was born, and so I felt bound to visit Comrade Kim Il Sung.” He sincerely asked the President to teach him a lot as a teacher and revolutionary senior, saying that he was just a student.
He put up a lot of questions.
Those accompanying Fidel said that Fidel met with many heads of state but he raised such a lot of questions as a student for the first time.
His stay in Korea was coming to an end.
Fidel, saying that he had many things to ask the President, canceled his visit to other country and extended his staying period in Pyongyang.
President Kim Il Sung, thinking of his feelings, talked of one thing and another, priceless asset for his life. Fidel was greatly moved.
He said to the President, “Comrade Kim Il Sung used plain language to talk of a question with rich content…
Comrade Kim Il Sung is, indeed, a great man with a great wealth of knowledge and long memory and Comrade Kim Il Sung is my teacher as well as an outstanding leader.