The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Unforgettable Meeting (10)

able Meeting( 10)

Tierno Alliu Binire Diallo, Former Chairman Parliamentary
Group of the United and Progressive Party of Guinea

The President told us of a story of a progressive U.S. pastor’ s visit to Pyongyang last year.
When the President asked the pastor how many people believed in God in his country and he replied that 85 percent of the U.S. population believed in God.
The President also asked him how many people are sleeping in the streets without their own homes and how many robbers there are and do they believe in God, then he answered yes.
Then, the President asked again the pastor why God did neither bless the people with good things nor give the people homes but he answered not to ask him about it.
Seeing him stammering in confusion for a while, the President said, we do not believe in God at all but believe in man.
The man the President means is just the popular masses.
The President used to say, he sees the people is the heaven.
The President continued to say that, to live enjoying the love and trust of the popular masses is his greatest delight and it is the greatest pride of his life to devotedly work for the popular masses.
Indeed, it can be said that the boundless love for the people is his natural disposition. We were attracted by his well reasoned remarks easy to understand and so we did not feel the passage of two hours.
The every word of his teachings had profound philosophy and unshakable conviction, which was so reasonable to calumniate injustice. (to be continued)