The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Task Undertaken By Himself

Task Undertaken By Himself

In July 2012 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited again the Kyongsang Kindergarten in less than two months.
He made rounds of the rooms built in conformity with the mentality of the children. At an education room he acquainted himself with the temperature of the room.
The kindergarten has not yet been provided with a high level of conditions to ensure the temperature.
He asked the directress of the kindergarten about the removal of the humidity.
After hearing her answer, he said, it is difficult to lower the temperature even after the removal of the moisture and during hot period it would be cool somewhat with the use of fan, but the children might get cold and other diseases if they are exposed to the wind.
At the bedding room he also acquainted himself with the temperature of the room.
Noting that the room was warm, he pointed out that he would take it as his own task and surely solve it.