The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Height of Korea (2)

of Korea (2)

Rabeloussonne Ortanse, Former Memeber of
the Political Bureau of Revolutionary Vanguard

One day in September 1977 I went to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea together with four children of our president and my three children at the invitation of President Kim Il Sung.
Though I was on this way to meet the President whom I wanted to see so much, my thought was complicated.
The DPRK was geographically far away and so I was worried about the visit accompanied with the children.
Of course President Kim Il Sung was the world-famous leader and benevolent leader of all people and has a close intimacy with our president. I thought that as he was busy with lots of state affairs he could not pay attention to our journey.
However, it was an idle fear. When we were sent off by the members of the DPRK embassy in Antananarivo and arrived in Moscow, members of the DPRK embassy in Moscow found us going to the waiting room of the airport. They warmly welcomed us like their own children and kindly asked us to get on the car.
In the car I and the children, relaxing ourselves deep in the soft chairs, were moved to hear the exciting story.
The official told us that President Kim Il Sung asked him to ensure the conveniences of the children of the Madagascan President and others in Moscow and send them to the DPRK by a special plane.
Such privilege was beyond our imagination. (to be continued)