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Cheers Raised in Hanoi after 61 Years

Cheers Raised in Hanoi after 61 Years

A mass rally was held in welcome of President Kim Il Sung on a visit to Vietnam at Badinh Square in Hanoi of Vietnam on November 28, 1958.
President Kim Il Sung concluded his speech when the host approached the rostrum in order to declare it close.
At that moment President Ho Chi Minh said “Wait a moment!”
President Ho Chi Minh went to the rostrum at a fast pace to say before the tens of thousands of Vietnamese people.
Comrade Kim Il Sung is a peerless hero who defeated the two imperialisms for the first time in the East and an outstanding leader of the building of a new society. The Korean people rush forward to the high peak of socialism like the wind on the Chollima under the guidance of Comrade Kim Il Sung. Compatriots, can we ride Chollima as the Korean brethren?
Then the masses agreed at his call.
And President Ho Chi Minh called for shouting Hurrah to express thanks to President Kim Il Sung who gave them the spirit of Chollima and took the lead.
The moment, reverence for President Kim Il Sung filled the square along with the cheers of “Hurrah!”
When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid an official friendship visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in March 2019 after 61 years, the waves of cheers raised by the Vietnamese people in welcome of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un ran to Hanoi from the border railway station.