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President Who Took President Kim Il Sung’s Works

President Who Took
President Kim Il Sung’s Works

In May 1974, the Senegalese president, during his stay in DPRK, was unaware of the passage of time due to the visiting of various places in the daytime and assiduously reading the works of President Kim Il Sung at the library of the guesthouse at night though he had to stay only three or four days in DPRK.
When he was about to leave he asked an official concerned to help him to take all the works of the President at the library along with him.
Being informed of this, the President asked the official to check about the books he needed and saw to it that to send them as he requested instead of sending all of them.
When the Senegalese president had a farewell visit to the President he said:
“I have so far read the works of Your Excellency President Kim Il Sung from time to time, so I have not yet grasped the idea laid down in them.
Therefore, when back home, I will read them systematically.”
He went on say that he is not going to read all those works alone but also let his colleagues and all the young people of his country to read and study them.