The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Height of Korea (3)

Height of Korea (3)

Rabeloussonne Ortanse, Former Member of
the Political Bureau of Revolutionary Vanguard

We were unaware of the passage of time as we were receiving warm welcome by the officials of the DPRK embassy during one day in Moscow and next day we flied to the DPRK by a special plane sent by President Kim Il Sung.
The warm love of the President was also there even in the plane.
The officials sent by the President paid deep attention to all the matters including our lodging.
Indeed, our journey was a way of great loving care and happiness provided by the fatherly leader President.
An official said that the plane was in the sky above the DPRK when the children raised cheers of Hurrah.
We arrived at the Pyongyang Airport at last. We, again warmly welcomed by the officials sent by the President, went to a special guesthouse in Pyongyang.
Immersed in solemn feeling at the room, I duly composed myself. And then I said that we came here by a special plane of the great loving care of the President and we were grateful to you.
The children were delighted to see the wonderful rooms provided for them. (to be continued)