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Mt. Jongbang

Mt. Jongbang

Mt. Jongbang, 481 meters high above sea level, stands in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province of DPRK.
The mountain takes its name from the fact that the ridges of the mountain are connected to one another taking a shape of a regular square.
It has a lot of historic spots and relics.
On the top of the mountain is a famous castle built in the period of Koryo.
The castle has South Gate restored in the original status in 1968 and Songbul Temple built in the year 898 in the castle.
Songbul Temple has Ungjin Hall, Kukrak Hall, Myongbu Hall, Chongphung Pavilion, Unha Shrine and wooden house and five storied stone pagoda of the Songbul Temple.