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“Family Photo” Taken in the Day of Marriage

“Family Photo” Taken in the Day of Marriage

One day in October 2023 there was a wedding ceremony at a restaurant in Hwasong District, Pyongyang.
Kim Myong Hyok was greatly moved with tears to get married amid the blessings of many people.
Why should he not get so moved.
When he was back home after the discharge from military service, he knew unexpectedly that his parents were already died of illness. He was wavering at that time for the future life.
The officials and employees of his enterprise became his parents and brothers from then on.
They turned his house into a new house and always visited his house on holidays to enjoy the time with him.
They also helped him to attach himself to his job and work hard with all sincerity.
The officials and neighbors, to say nothing of the employees of his enterprise, made full preparations for his wedding ceremony.
Kim Myong Hyok came to regard them as his own family members.
The bride and groom had a significant “family photo” with them before the wedding table. It was a picture of happy “family” full of love and affection though they were not blood relatives.