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Great Enthusiasm over the Whole Country

Great Enthusiasm over the Whole Country

Local areas are changing their faces like those of cities.
Last year magnificent houses were built in different rural areas across the country to upgrade the living conditions of regional people to the urban level.
The first ground-breaking ceremony was held in the presence of General Secretary Kim Jong Un in Songchon County, South Phyongan Province on February 28 after the adoption of the Regional Development 20 x 10 Policy for the building of modern regional industry factories. Then such ceremonies took place in Kujang, Unsan, Yonthan, Unchon, Jaeryong, Tongsin, Usi, Kosan, Ichon, Hamju, Kumya, Kim Hyong Jik and Jangphung counties.
The whole Korea is vibrant with overwhelming enthusiasm of the servicemen and people who turned out in the struggle for the first year task of ambitious 10-year goal of the Workers’ Party of Korea, heralding a new history of regional development.