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“Far-off” and “Nearby”

“Far-off” and “Nearby”

“Far-off” and “nearby” expresses not only the metric space from one place to another but also the relationship between the people.
There is a great event to make the people think of the meanings of these two words from a new angle.
The Workers’ Party of Korea adopted “Regional Development 20x10 Policy!".
The essence of the policy is to provide everyone who was born in this land with an affluent and highly civilized life equally under the socialist policies of the State whether he lives in the capital city and local area, town and mountain village.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un declared the policy, saying that there may be the order of construction, but there should neither be paper no order meaning preference and carelessness in the policy of the Government of the Republic that cares about the livelihood of every citizen and solves it.
Indeed, there are the words meaning “far-off” and “nearby”, but in his heart is not people far-off and nearby.