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Legend of Mt. Chilbo

Legend of Mt. Chilbo

A legend of Mt. Chilbo is a story of things on the ground, the name, history, culture, customs, life and others of the mountain.
It reflects the landscape of the mountain, mysterious rocks and cliffs, resourcefulness and talents of the Korean people, humor, patriotic mind and respect to parents and their heart to lead a happy life.
Among the stories are “bag of earth of God,” “Mt. Chilbo rose from sea,” “beautiful women.”and so on reflecting the magnificent view of Mt. Chilbo and the resourcefulness and talents of the Korean nation and humor.
The legend of Mt. Chilbo well shows the resourcefulness, wisdom of the Korean people, the advantages of the nation, their patriotism that they displayed in the fight against aggressors and their noble sense of obligation and morals.
It was registered as state immaterial cultural inheritance.