The great persons of Mt. Paektu
17 Rounds and 14 290 Units

17 Rounds and 14 290 Units

1 674 610 ri is the total length of the journey for on-the-site guidance covered by the Chairman Kim Jong Il in his lifetime. It amounts to the distance of going round the earth 17 times.
During the above mentioned journey, he visited more than 14 290 units for on-site guidance.
One day the officials told the Chairman of the total length of the journey for on-site guidance he made during the Arduous March and the forced march.
Being informed of this, he said he had never taken into account the number of the units he visited for on-site guidance, nor did he make on-site inspection in pursuit of honor and appreciation. He continued he kept making on-site inspection to safeguard the independent dignity and interests of the country and nation and provide the people with the most affluent and civilized life and that he had nothing more to wish for if the country would become powerful and prosperous and the people enjoy an abundant life. He added witnesses of history would tell through generations about the wholehearted devotion for the country and nation he made during the Arduous March.