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Water Clock and Sundial

Water Clock and Sundial

The water clock was firstly made and used in the period of the Three States.
The automatic water clock, an updated type of the water clock, dated back to the era of King Sejong of feudal Joson dynasty (the period of his reign 1419-1450).
In 1536, a century after that, witnessed the improvement and use of the water clock.
The wise technician was called Jang Yong Sil, whose name remained with the water clock. In 1437 he, together with other technician, made an automatic water clock indicating the time with the help of bell, gong and drum as well as the beginning of vernal equinox, autumnal equinox, winter solstice and summer solstice.
The sundial is a device that shows the time by the shadow from the sunlight. At that time it was called Ilgu.
Angbuilgu is the typical of sundial.
The Angbuilgu displayed at the Korean Central History Museum made and used after the 18th century.