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Kayagum, National Instrument of Korea

Kayagum, National Instrument of Korea

Kayagum is one of the national instruments pertaining to the Korean nation.
It takes its name from Kagya (a feudal state existed in Korea from the mid-first century to the mid-sixth century). A talented musician called U Ruk invented and made it at the beginning of the 6th century.
As Kayagum, a stringed instrument, is elastic, soft and elegance in sound and its rendition posture looks rhythmic and beautiful, it coincides with the taste and feelings of the Korean people.
Kayagum and its music were restricted by their development owing to the policy of obliterating the national culture of Japanese imperialists. After the liberation they have been developed from a new angle in accordance with the policy of building the Juche-based national music laid down by President Kim Il Sung.
Kayagum has been improved as a modern instrument to take an important place in the development of music in Korea.