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Manwoltae in Kaesong

Manwoltae in Kaesong

Manwoltae is the site of the royal palace of Koryo in Songak-dong, Kaesong city.
Koryo state built the royal palace magnificently and stately in 919.
It was the main palace of the Koryo dynasty except for more than 40 years (mid-13th century) of temporary transfer of the capital in Kanghwa Island.
It sits in an area of 1 250 000㎡.
It is composed of the royal palace and imperial palace which was in the south.
There had been a splendid and majestic two-storied Sinbong Gate.
King and the officials reviewed a military parade in this place. The building shows the high-level architecture and especially masonry at the time.
It is said that the green tiles covering the roofs of the palace were carried by cattle from the southern coastal areas of South Jolla Province, 400 km away.
Noteworthy in the relic is the race of the strong influence of Koguryo in the composition of the palace ad structure of the major site of the palace.
The Pyongyang Wall surrounding the capital of Koguryo consisted in the inner, middle and outer walls and the inner and middle walls surrounded the imperial palace, royal palace and government offices.
The composition of the Koryo royal palace with the royal and imperial palaces came from the precedent.
Manwoltae is one of valuable cultural assets exhibiting the creative talents of the Korean nation in the Koryo time.