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Sinsollo, Traditional Dish of Korean Nation

Sinsollo, Traditional Dish of Korean Nation

Sinsollo is one of Korean traditional dishes.
It consists of many precious food materials. Its recipe is unique. It is of high nutritive value and tastes good. So it has been called “Yolgujathang”(a soup pleasing mouth for its good taste).
Sinsollo means the fire pot used by a supernatural being and, at the same time, the dish served while being boiled on the fire box.
It is made of beef, pheasant, chicken, sea cucumber, ear shell, shrimp, the ruminant’s stomach, cow liver, pork, egg, mushroom, parsley, carrot, spring onion, garlic, gingko nut, pine nut, walnut, and the like. Cucumber and shrimp should be added to it so as to keep the dainty alive. More food materials may be added to it according to local custom.
Sinsollo is one of the typical traditional dishes show the food culture of the Korean nation for quality food materials, good taste, flavor and showy and peculiar make.