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Koryo Songgyungwan University

Koryo Songgyungwan University

Koryo Songgyungwan University located in Songgyungwan-dong, Kaesong, was the highest educational establishment of feudal state in Koryo and feudal Joson dynasty.
Koryo built Taemyong Palace as a royal villa in Kaegyong (Kaesong at present), the capital city, in the year 1047 and moved Kukjagam (set up in the year 992), the highest educational establishment of the country, to the palace in the year 1087 (the fourth year of King Sonjong). Later Kukjagam was reorganized into Songgyungam in 1298 and into Songgyungwan in 1308.
Afterwards it was called Kukjagam in 1356 and then Songgyungwan in 1362.
Songgyungwan had a lecture hall called Myongryundang and two boarding houses in the east and west. The full numbers of the students were 200.
Memorial services for the successive feudal Confucian scholars took place at Songgyungwan.