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Mausoleum of 25th King of Koryo Discovered

Mausoleum of 25th King of Koryo Discovered

The Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, the Korea National Inheritance Preservation House of the National Legacies Protection Bureau in the Ministry of Culture and the History Department of Songdo University of Education conducted a joint survey and excavation of historic sites in Kaesong.
A tomb of mural paintings recognized as a mausoleum of a king dating back to Koryo was discovered in the place away 1.2 kilometres southwest from the seat of Haeson-ri, Kaesong.
In the tomb was part of a book bearing letters praising the virtues when a feudal king and queen were awarded eulogist posthumous titles, gold-plated ironworks and other relics.
Judging from the architectural form and size of the tomb and historic relics unearthed in it, the Archaeological Society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea unanimously acknowledged that the recently discovered tomb could be considered to be a mausoleum of the 25th king (1236-1308) of Koryo made in the 14th century.