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Janggo-Percussion Instrument Pertaining to Korean Nation

Janggo-Percussion Instrument Pertaining
to Korean Nation

Among the national instruments of Korea with a history spanning thousands of years is Janggo, a peculiar percussion instrument. Janggo dates back to the period of Koguryo (B.C. 277-668.)
It was composed of waist part connected one resonance box with the other, leather parts covering both sides of boxes and tightening device from the period of Koryo (918-1392) to that of the feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910.)
The role of the two drums playing at the same time could freely sound Korean tune and exquisite tone color.
The peculiar style of playing Korean Janggo finds expression in carrying the strap of Janggo on the shoulder, holding a club of Janggo in right hand and drumstick in left hand, dancing rhythmically and banging both sides of Janggo with the left and right hands by turns.
Janggo is widely used in the Korean people’s life full of cultured emotions and feelings.