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Fermented Soy Bean Good for Health

Fermented Soy Bean Good for Health

Korea is the home of soy bean. The Korean people began to ferment soy bean from 2 000 years ago. The foodstuffs made of fermented bean (natto) have been widely known since long ago not only in Korea, but also in Asia and the world.
The Koreans fermented soy beans by way of breeding fungi in a pot with rice straw for 1 to 3 days.
The fermented beans contain many ingredients for reinforcing immunity and suppressing growth of cancer and biogenic anti-oxidation matters effective for the prevention of cancer and other diseases
It is also very effective for the prevention of the blood vessel diseases because it contains matters efficacious for preventing thrombosis and washing cholesterol from the vessels. Besides, it is good for the preventive treatment of diabetes and enhancing the function of liver and stomach because it contains matters accelerating the secretion of insulin.
It can be used for reinforcing immunity, lowering blood pressure and curing osteoporosis, anemia and alopecia and etc. because it is abundant of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.