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Something He Asked Girl Nurses to Do

Something He Asked Girl Nurses to Do

It happened when General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited Taesongsan General Hospital where the children of baby homes and orphanages in North Phyongan Province were recuperating.
When a deputy head nurse saw General Secretary Kim Jong Un she longed for so earnestly, she leaped with joy holding a child in her arms. Whenever she jumped the head of the child tossed.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un observed her behavior carefully. He told the nurse that the child might get hurt in the head when you hold the child in your arms as now. He pulled her arm to support the head of the child.
And he told her to hold the baby in her arms in such a way as he did. It seemed that as you’re all girls, all of you don’t know how to carry the baby in your arms and he entrusted so important work to them as part of the preparations for getting married, he said with smile.
The accompanying officials burst into a roar of laughter.
Then he raised her arm to support the back of the head of the baby again. He told her to carry the baby into her arms supporting its head and to have a mother’s care in taking good care of the baby.