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70 Years of State Circus Troupe

70 Years of State Circus Troupe

The world-famous State Circus Troupe created excellent works in the past 70 years to have 32 600 international and domestic performances and won more than 90 cups, prizes and medals at international circus festivals.
Its first performance was opened on August 3, 1952. Since then it has created fine pieces including physical circus, jugglery, comic circus and animal circus and played 27 080 domestic performances.
It has performed 5 600 occasions in more than 550 areas of over 70 countries and won the first place at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival and other international acrobatics festivals on tens of occasions to be awarded gold and special prizes, festival technical prizes and gold medals.
At the “Idol-2018” World Circus Festival held in Russia in September 2018 the “Wire-rope Stunt” was awarded three top gold prizes of the festival organizing committee, setting an unprecedented record in the history of festival.
The troupe is the first to create synchronized swimming and ice circus in Asia. It created and performed tens of works and steadily created peculiar styles of performance including circus and juggling suites.
During these days it has produced more than one hundred Kim Il Sung Prize winners, Labor Heroes, People’s Artistes, People’s Actors, Merited Artistes, and Merited Actors.