The great persons of Mt. Paektu
His Day’s Work

His Day’s Work

At dawn of one day in June 2002 Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a farm of a People’s Army unit in a local area and looked around the wheat and barley fields.
Officials asked him to have a brief rest, but he made rounds of another place of the unit before getting on the car to go back to Pyongyang
It was late in the morning that he arrived in the Taedonggang Brewery. Making rounds of its buildings of fair quality and production processes equipped with updated equipment, he expressed great satisfaction, saying that the brewery is wonderful and now we can supply more refreshing beer to our people all the year round.
It was nearly eleven o’clock that he finished his field guidance to the brewery. And he went on to the toothbrush workshop of the Pyongyang Essential Goods Factory.
He gave important instructions concerning the production of the toothbrush one by one for all morning before leaving. The officials thought that now it was lunchtime and he would take some rest.
But the result was not as they thought.
The Chairman turned to the accompanying officials and told them that you should go back first to take a rest, he was sorry for calling them from early morning and taking them with him without a rest during a long journey. After that he again went on the way of the field guidance.