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Poet Jon Tong U

Poet Jon Tong U

Jon Tong U (April 20, 1931-October 9, 1999) was studying at the Kim Il Sung University. Right after the Korean war he joined in the Korean People’s Army and returned to the university according to a step taken by the State and was graduated from the university in 1954.
From September 1960 he worked as a guidance teacher in charge of creation at Pyongyang College of Literature and Kim Il Sung University and from 1972 as a chief of words creation room of the Korean Scriptwriting Company.
He created a poem “Towards Chest of Enemy!” in 1953. Since then he wrote a lot of poems and words in earnest.
Especially, he created theme songs of movies including “I Know It Now,” “I Will Remain Your Son Forever” and “Who Ever Taught Me” and mass songs including “Snowflakes Falling in the Night Sky” and “Don’t Advance, Night of Pyongyang”.
Chairman Kim Jong Il gave high appreciation of his words several times, saying that he was a talented poet.
Jon Tong U, a Kim Il Sung Prize winner, lay in state in the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery.