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Efforts to Raise Quality of Education Doubled

Efforts to Raise Quality of Education Doubled

The field of education, true to the idea and spirit of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, is working hard to raise the quality of education.
Officials of the Education Commission set a high goal of putting the education of the country on the advanced world standard as soon as possible and are pushing ahead with the work for its implementation.
The higher education is striving to steadily renovate the content, system and method of education as required by the trend of developing modern educated and pedagogical demands.
Kim Il Sung University and Kim Chaek University of Technology, with a view to training scientists and technicians in metal, chemical and material fields, push ahead with the selection of students, working out of a teaching plan and elevation of ability of teachers in scientific and substantial ways and at the same time strengthen the genius education system.
Now that a teaching program is drawn out for the second universal 12-yr compulsory education, Kim Chol Ju University of Education and other universities in the field of teacher training work hard for practical, comprehensive and modern content of subjects.
Educational workers in the field of primary and secondary education devote their wisdom and energy for new teaching method and technical foundation for training the generations to come as universalists.
Besides, a planned work has been done to raise the quality of education at schools in the countryside and narrow to the maximum the distinctions between urban and rural level in education.