The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Picture That Could Not Be Taken

Picture That Could Not Be Taken

President Kim Il Sung who was always modest, free and easy afforded convenience for the activities of journalists.
However, their activity has been once stopped by the President.
One day in May 1970 the President visited a chicken plant.  When he went to the chicken coop on the second floor, the photographers tried to enter into it in a bid to take a photograph. At that moment they could hear what the President told them not to go close to the chickens.
The photographers had to keep them from taking a photo.
The President told them that when they were taking a photo, flashing on the light, the light frightened the laying hens.
He went on say that the frightened hens may not lay eggs and it doesn’t matter if they cannot take a picture showing his on-site guidance.
After all, the picture of his on-the-spot guidance could not be taken.