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Kim Jong Sun, 21 Year-old Girl Heroine of Republic

Kim Jong Sun, 21 Year-old Girl Heroine of Republic

Among the heroes and heroines the Korean people always remember is Kim Jong Sun, directress of the Phyongchon District Publications Supply.
One day in April 1962, President Kim Il Sung saw an article introducing her deed of saving seven schoolgirls from ice-tight hole and saw to it that a 21-year-old girl was awarded the honor of a member of the Workers' Party of Korea and the title of Hero of the DPRK and sent a letter of love to her.
In the letter the President called the girl "dear Comrade Kim Jong Sun" and highly estimated her deeds as a noble model of communist spirit. He wanted her to become a faithful daughter of the WPK and wished good luck for her future.
In the letter, Kim Il Sung called her "dear Comrade Kim Jong Sun", setting her deed as an example of the noble communist spirit and wishing her to be a faithful daughter of the WPK, blessed her long life.
The President always remembered her and when he saw “The Morning Glow”, a drama showing her deeds, he called her to his side and took a photograph with her.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un called Kim Jong Sun to the 8th Conference of Ideological Workers of the WPK and gave an opportunity to made a speech at the 2nd National Meeting of Young Frontrunners in Noble Traits.
In September 2021 Kim Jong Sun took part in the grand banquet given by General Secretary Kim Jong Un for the labor innovators and meritorious workers participated in the celebration events of the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK. At the banquet he gave her his warm blessing.