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Famous Patriotic General - So Hui

Famous Patriotic General - So Hui

So Hui (942-998) was a diplomatist and patriotic general of Koryo.
When he was 18 years old, he passed the state examinations and worked in the several government positions. In the period of anti-Kitan war he demonstrated his outstanding diplomatic skills and stratagem.
The Kitan that conquered vast tracts of land including the then North China mobilized tens of troops in 993 to invade Koryo.
When the Koryo army was defeated in the Pongsan battle at a place away 12 kilometres southwest of Kusong, capitulationist voices such as surrender to the enemy and transfer the north area of Pyongyang (then Sogyong) to the invaders came out within the Koryo government.
However, So Hui enforced indomitable resistance so that Koryo feudal government could keep on the struggle against the invasion.
The Kitan invaders, encountering a stout resistance of the Koryo army and people, were dealt a severe blow in the battle of Anyungjin(24 kilometres southwest of Anju), southern bank of the River Chongchon. The aggressors temporarily stopped pushing ahead with their plan for attack, but called upon Koryo to surrender in reliance upon hundreds of thousands of huge army.
With the insight into the bluff of the enemy So Hui initiatively proposed to hold negotiations on the basis of the idea that he could defeat the enemy at the negotiation table through diplomatic offensive and volunteered to carry the fight into the camp of the enemy. After all, there took place negotiations between So Hui and the head of the enemy.
So Hui’s diplomacy was fully displayed at the negotiating table.
At the negotiations the head of the enemy proposed brigandish demand such as transferring the old land of Koguryo to them as it was occupied by them. In response to this, So Hui said: Koryo is the country who carried forward Koguryo and named it Koryo. As regards the border, the land of Liao Yang taken by you is also ours. He dismissed his absurd proposal.
His active and skillful diplomacy kept the enemy on the defensive at the negotiations. The enemies could not but withdraw their troops as it was impossible for them to face the strong resistance of the army and people of Koryo and they were cornered at the negotiations.
For the decisive role he played in bringing about the victory in the first war against the Kitan So Hui shines long in the history of the Korean nation.