The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Souvenir Photographing

Souvenir Photographing

A bitter feeling was in the heart of Chairman Kim Jong Il while being on the way for field guidance to Jagang Province and then Ryanggang Province in an intense cold in January 1998.
He felt very regretful for what he failed to call at a complex though he was passing by it. He had wanted to call at it during his field guidance to Jagang Province, but the accompanying officials told him that they were about to punish the manger and party secretary of the complex as it has not yet fulfilled the production plan.
He said that the workers and officials of the complex would be deeply regretting and they might cry calumniating themselves for their failure to carry it out. After all, he headed for Jagang Province again instead of going to Pyongyang.
With a view to cheering up the officials and workers of the complex who were feeling guilty and waiting for a penalty to be inflicted upon them he waved their cheers with a bright smile, making rounds of the precinct of the complex and production site one by one.
Quite a lot of hours have passed. It was time to leave.
Reading thoughts of the leading officials of the complex who wanted to pose for a souvenir picture in the presence of the Chairman, he laughed a hearty laugh, saying that he never posed for a photograph together with the people who failed to carry out the plan, but now he was convinced that they would fulfil the plan for this year so he would pose for a souvenir photograph.
“Thank you, Chairman!...”
The Chairman waited for some time, though he was hard pressed for time. Finally, it was ready to take a photo, he posed for a photograph together with the workers of the complex.
Greatly encouraged by his great loving care, the workers of the complex overfulfilled the plan for the year.